OG Jam Series - News


Hi OGJAM, We have a few announcements to make.

1st we have to humbly apologize to both Jonathan 'Shreddy' Marino and Jeff Mogs for the egregious error I (Jeff Greenwood) made in the 2018 Overall Series Champion award. You will notice that in fact Jeff Mogs scored the most points this year and should have received the Overall Series Cup. We are all truly sorry for the mistake and hope to never see one like this again. We are adding a Cup for 2nd and swapping that out with Shreddy this week and getting Mogs the 1st Place Cup.

2nd, we want to officially get the word out about our hope to expand into Norcal this upcoming year 2019 and have a separate series of events in Northern California. We’ve enlisted Brandon Fields (Old Bones Therapy) as the point man for organization and Jeff Hedges for Sponsorships. Please contact Brandon, Ffej, Heidi, or Jeff Greenwood if you think you can help us with any logistics. We are initially looking at 4 events in each Series (Northern / Southern) and then the top OG’s competing in a head to head somewhere in the middle to claim the states bragging rights. There’s lots of work to do and we need your help.

3rd (lastly) - Any of you competitors who did not receive a 2018 t-shirt can have one mailed to you directly (as supplies last). I even have a few women's sizes. Please Direct Message Jeff Greenwood directly or via OGjamseries or email with your address and preferred shirt size. I’ll drop them in the mail this week.

Jeff G.


As you probably know by now we got rained out at Fontana. We are re-scheduled for Saturday Oct 27th beginning at 11:30am. Forecast is for hot weather 91 degrees high, bring an Easy-up if you got one for shade. We hope you can make it. PS there is a Halloween Party at the Yard after the contest. We are endorsing it and will give you 50 series points if you attend and skate. Just post a photo of you there to Instagram or Facebook and hashtag #ogjamseries.


We had some fun at Pedlow a couple weekends ago with a Ghost Jam BBQ. Second most notably skaters who showed up and took a couple runs got a little 25 point bonus for the overall series points. The Most notable happening there was Charlie King smoked the competition in the longest carve contest where winner takes all. Well done Sir!

Here's the events listings for 2018. We have 3 weeks tile the Series begins at Skatelab Skatepark in Simi Valley. There's a regular Thursday Old Guy night there that is frequented by several OG Skaters (including myself - Jeff Greenwood). So come join us for a little practice if you can brave the midweek traffic.


2018 Ladies Jam at Venice Beach Skatepark is coming up!


2018 planning is underway! Check back in a few more weeks and we'll try to have some of the year laid out.

2017 finale at Palm Springs was a total blast! Ripping & good times went down for sure! We can't thank Jeremiah Risk enough for letting us Jam @ The Yard in Palm Springs.
Jayson Lee, Jeff Mogs, and Dan Colburn

Overall 2017 Series Award Winners are:
60+ Jeff Mogs is our 1st overall award winner for a 60 and over division. He won at Fontana, Pedlow & Skatelab (2,360 points)
50-59: Dan Colburn - Quite a year with 3 1st places at - Fontana, Santa Monica & Skatelab (2,202 points)
40-49: David Davenport - Top placings are 2nd at the Cove, and 3rd at Pedlow (heavy division to say the least!) (1,620 points)
30-39: Jonathan Marino - Getting one 1st at Pedlow, one 2nd place at Santa Monica, and two 3rd's (1,957 points).

Jeff Mogs was the Overall 2017 Champion across all divisions (most points tota - 2,360l)


A few details to know before going to THE YARD @ Jeremiah Risk's house in Pam Springs for the Final Stop of 2017:
-This is a Private residence!!! Respect the owners and the property so we can come back!
- Park across the Street in the Church parking lot. Please don't block any of the neighbors driveways or houses!
- Please remeber to donate any $$$ you can to Jeremiah so he can keep pouring more concrete. He doesn't charge us for having the contest, so we encourage you to help out the venue.

Practice Schedule for the Yard:
Please Call or Text to Check with Jeremiah ahead of time. He gets called away on short notice. # (760)-774-2638.
Sat:Nov. 11 - Morning or Evening
Sun: Nov. 12 - Morning or Evening (Tentative)
Fri: Nov. 17 - Evening
Sat. Nov. 18 - Usual Pre-contest Open Jam:

On Site Camping in Jeremiah's back yard is ok on Friday Nov 17th and Sat. Nov 18th,.


We just completed the 3rd stop for 2017 at the Pedlow Skatepark and it was a blast! we uploaded a gallery or two in the photo gallery section and posted the results. Time to prep for Stop #4 at the Skatelabin Simi Valley. It's been a couple of years since we had one there so we ARE PROUD to be returning!


Tonight I am bringing the site back to life from a older backup. It has been down a few weeks. Please be patient and everything will be put up to date in the next few days as we have the contest at THE COVE in Santa Monica on Saturday. Come on out and SKATE!

Please note if you haven't already we had a few schedule changes several weeks back so see the flyer on the 2017 events Page or the homepage. We also usually update our Facebook Page a lot more often, but stuff gets buried there and become hard to find.


Venice was another stellar turn out for the girls of skateboarding, all ages, from Legend Patti McGee signing autographs in the Juice booth to our littlest girls facing off in their first contest "the Pup Cup". Many, many thanks to our SPONSORS, the City of Los Angeles and Venice Recreation and Parks for making this happen for all the girls! Mayor Eric Garcetti, Commissioner Pilar Diaz, Superintendent Robert Davis, Recreation and Parks Victor Jauregui, Fred Ealey and Lance Lemond. Naugles did a "Hippie Jump" for the ladies and our smallest lady went under instead of over ...with style! Please check out the links from the press.. great photos all by different shooters. Thank you to our volunteers!

Judges: Dennis Martinez, Earl Okinaka, Steve Wright
Announcer: legend Jim Gray
Spinning tunes: DJ KRZA
Registration; Sharon Gelfand
Product and prizes: Kimi Kallman

Thank you again for all your support and hope to see everyone in 2018!
Heidi Lemmon, Jeff Greenwood, Earl Okinaka

Skateboard Hall of Fame & Sponsor Cindy Whitehead with dare devil Tracie Garacochea and X Games Silver medalist Jordyn Barratt.

Hanna Zanzi winner of Vans US Open 2016, skateboard legend and pioneer Patti McGee (cover LIFE Magazine)and Legendary extreme sports athlete and photographer the amazing Gale Webb!

Venice Papparazi coverage photos by Chris Hooten

Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word Coverage photos by Ian Logan

Concretedisciples.com Coverage photos by Jeff Greenwood

Juice Magazine Coverage photos by Dan Levy

Sponsor & Commissioner photos by Heidi K Lemmon


the Finals are here on 11/19/2016! A couple of things to know:

  • This is a Private residence!!! Respect the owners and the property so we can come back!
  • Whiskey and Knives is slated to play on Saturday, most likely between contest heats.
  • Park across the Street in the Church parking lot. Please don't block any of the neighbors driveways or houses!
  • the will be a BBQ and a few basic supplies, but if you want to bring some meet and Beers that is A.O.K. with the management!
  • It is free and open to all to compete!
  • Bring a new unwrapped toy for the LOST IN LA Toy Drive collection. (For ages 1 -16)

  • 6/1/2016

    We've announced the 3rd Series Date today, it is September 10th and the Academy Skatepark in Vista California. This is our first vert ramp addition to the series. How is that for a change of pace.


    We kicked off this year with a great event at Fontana North skatepark. A sizable crew made it out in spite of a good chance of rain. We pulled it off with help from just about everyone who came to skate or watch!

    In our first ever longest carve contest Nick Daiello cleared the farthest carve over the cones in the winner take all $50 gift certificate and deck from Concrete Disciples.



    This year we are kicking things off with a Ghost Jam at the Humpbowl. Due largely in part by the lack of Ghost Jams last year. Come out and get dirty at the Hump Bowl March 26th. If your not familiar within what these are, they are a BBQ skatejam for the competitors sponsors and volunteers (no Contest!). If you fit into any one of these categories your welcome to attend.


    Vans Orange Date Change

    We have changed the date for the Vans Combi Finale Contest to Nov. 1st. New flyer is posted and the dates on the old flyer and t-shirt are now really incorrect. Sorry for the hassle.


    Fontana Date Change

    We have changed the date for the Fontana Contest to August 15th. new flyer is posted and the dates on the old flyer and t-shirt are now incorrect. Sorry for the hassle.

    2015 Schedule has been released today, check it out (click the 2015 Events Link in the navigation) http://ogjamseries.com/2015-events


    We are in the process of putting together the 2015 schedule. We'll probably have it nailed down middle of March 2015.

    In the meantime check out J. Greenwood's pics from The Yard Ghost Jam in Palm Springs, November 2014.