How much does it cost to enter?

Up until 2019, all our events were are free to enter, you heard right, $0.00. This year we have a membership requirement to cover the costs of insurance which allows us to get some better venues, awards, and a few other costs covered.

Is there any practice time?

The only set aside practice time is 20-30 minutes prior to your heat. the session should be limited to only skaters in that upcoming heat. Most skaters find that there is time before the event starts the day of the contest and also visit the skatepark during their regular operating hours.

Can I bring some friends or family to watch?

This varies from skatepark to skatepark according to their policies. As we are non-profit we can't always allow free access inside the skatparks to watch since we aren't really renting the skatepark. 

What are the Divisions?

Event Skating Order:



30-39 (+ Girls as needed)



1) What are judges looking for?

2018 This changed:

Judges give a score (0-10) based on their interpretation of overall flow, usage of the various parts of the given pool, speed, and line variations. Tricks are good if they are done smoothly and fit well into line. Falls/Bails cost severe points deductions.

The Top score per judge per skater is counted as their best score.

The Top Scores are combined into one score and the highest total is awarded first place on down the line.

*Best Tricks:

Sometimes we give out special awards for Best Tricks, or gnarliest slams, or great ambassadorships. Those are decided during the competition by the judges. Note, No points are given to the winners for the overall Series points.


How are the overall series points calculated?

Overall Series Points:

1st Place - 500 + # of skaters placed above in division

2nd Place - 425 + # of skaters placed above in division

3rd Place - 375 + # of skaters placed above in division

4th Place - 325 + # of skaters placed above in division

5th Place - 275 + # of skaters placed above in division

6th Place - 225 + # of skaters placed above in division

7th place - 175 + # of skaters placed above in division

8th place - 125 + # of skaters placed abov ine division

All placings beyond here get 100 for competing.


Can a professional  Skatebaorder enter?

Yes, we've had many pros and former pros compete against relative beginners. We want everyone to enter and have fun even if your skating against someone who has beaten Tony Hawk in the past.

Can you have a contest where I live (enter your city here)?

We would honestly love to have more events in other parts of the country, but since we take in no $$$ we do not have any budgets for travel and lodging and the like. We would encourage you to build your local area a series like ours. It takes a lot of work, but you can do it too.

Can I volunteer to help?

Yes, we need some volunteers for each event usually. Hit up Heidi Lemmon or Jeff Greenwood before the event if possible to see where we can use help. See the contact us page.